The “METAL-SPAW” company was founded in 2001 and from the beginning it specialized in welding services for large enterprises. The activity is based on direct or indirect subcontracting welding services for companies from all over Poland.

Several years of experience and the selection of the best specialists meant that, with most of these companies, we continue to cooperate and carry out other orders in each welding method.

The quality policy in welding is the company’s identification mark. By constantly training and acquiring qualifications, employee motivations and awareness of their importance in the company are increased.
Identifying employees and co-workers with the quality policy is treated as the key to success.

We focus on the quality of services provided at the highest level. Welders employed in our company have valid TUV, UDT, IS, SLV licenses and welding skills for each method
All works are carried out in accordance with health and safety and fire protection regulations.
Gas-hazardous works are carried out with the utmost care. The satisfaction of contractors means another orders.
We help our clients in the selection of materials and welding methods.
We own our welding equipment for performed services and delivery trucks and power generators for field work.We rent welding equipment.


We invite you to cooperation.